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High Sierra Soaker 70 Hydration Pack Review

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014:

If you are a lover of outdoor adventures then your time has arrived. Summer is the best time to go do your hiking, mountain biking and generally just be outside. However, you must already be aware of the effects and dangers that dehydration can cause. This is why you should go for something like the High Sierra Soaker 70 hydration pack, which will enable you to stay hydrated throughout your excursions. There are only a few ways that you can keep up with dehydration and most of them are very cumbersome. Can you imagine carrying a two- liter water bottle? […] Read More →

Camelbak Day Star Hydration Pack Review

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014:

When out on recreational activities like biking, hiking and kayaking, we need to constantly replace the water lost through perspiration with clean, safe water. There have been many hydration packs created to help with this and the model we are going to look at in this article is the Camelbak Day Star for women. Assembled in the U.S of domestic and imported components, it is made with the right curvature and enough space for water and other extras; this is a great pack to have on your back for that next trail or sight-seeing venture. Click here to see what […] Read More →

CamelBak Classic Hydration Pack Review

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014:

The Camelbak Classic is designed for the hiker, runner or cyclist that wants comfortable convenience for their hydration purposes. Although all of Camelbak’s products were initially designed for the military, they have been modified to cater for all outdoor purposes while still maintaining the extreme quality and durability they are widely known for. Key features of the CamelBak Classic Reservoir capacity These Camelbak Classic pack comes assembled in various sizes of 1.5 to 3.1 liters as a backpack riders and a smaller version that has a capacity of 830ml to 1.3 liters for those running or walking. These packs are […] Read More →

TETON Sports Oasis1100 Hydration Backpack Review

Saturday, June 21st, 2014:

Many people want the combination of hydration packs and a backpack, and this is exactly what the TETON Sports Oasis1100 hydration backpack offers. A lot of thought has gone into the design of the pack to make it as comfortable and user-friendly as possible. It is ideal for both men and women, and the ability to adjust the size makes it possible to be worn by people of all sizes too. The TETON Sports Oasis1100 hydration backpack is the perfect choice for those that like to go out on day hikes, or longer bike rides too. It allows you to […] Read More →

Camelbak Dart 50oz Hydration Pack Review

Saturday, June 21st, 2014:

The Camelbak Dart is a hydration pack that has a 50oz hydration system that holds the liquid through an antidote that is lightweight and slim. Apart from the reservoir, the product also has a sliding strap of sternum and a strap for side compression to dial in the fit. There are also twin back zipper pockets to put in accessories. It also has a mesh pocket that is open and keeps the user hydrated for long. The front pockets of the Camelbak Dart can be used to stash your keys, energy sucks or other small items. This product can be […] Read More →

How to Use a Hydration Pack Properly – Beginners Guide

Thursday, June 19th, 2014:

If you have just discovered the many different hydration packs available, and have decided to get one for yourself for the first time, then you want to make sure you are getting the most out of it. Used properly, a hydration pack can really make your excursions, whether on foot or by bike, that much easier and more comfortable. The primary purpose of a hydration pack is to enable you to keep yourself hydrated by carrying around your drink in an easy-to-carry backpack style holder. Some hydration packs are very basic, and they do require a little more movement for […] Read More →

Camelbak Hydrobak Hydration Pack Review

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014:

The Camelbak Hydrobak is a minimalist pack designed for the cyclists that hit the trails and want to have the ability to stay hydrated without having to carry too much additional weight. The minimalist design is very light and comfortable to wear, so you really do forget it is on your back at times. Camelbak does a great job of making their packs very stable, so they do not move around too much while you are riding or walking. This is very apparent with the Hydrobak pack, as you can really hot the trails hard and you will not feel […] Read More →

The Benefits of Using a Hydration Pack

Monday, June 16th, 2014:

Hydration packs are designed to fulfill a specific purpose, to give you a convenient way of staying hydrated while you are out and about for a few hours or for a day’s hiking or cycling. But many of them also serve more than one purpose, and have been cleverly designed to fulfill several needs that hikers and bikers will need while they are out on their excursions. In this article we are going to take a look at the main benefits of using a hydration pack, the different situations they are very handy to be used in, and a few […] Read More →

Camelbak Arete 18 Hydration Pack Review

Thursday, June 12th, 2014:

The Camelbak Arete 18 hydration pack offers a 2-in-1 design, that will enable you to switch from a regular summit pack, used for hiking and mountain climbing, into a reservoir sleeve that can be used inside regular day packs. This eliminates the need for having two separate items for doing the same job as the Arete 18 can do. A closer look at the Camelbak Arete 18 hydration pack Design and comfort The Camelbak Arete 18 hydration pack is an easy open close cap reservoir pack that has a low profile design meant to handle the extreme pressures of hiking, […] Read More →

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