Bear Grylls 45L Backpack Review

Rating: 4.5 (out of 5)

Bear Grylls 45L backpack Backpacks come in many different sizes, weights, reservoir capacities (for the compatible ones) as well as different design features. Most of them are made for specific purposes, but the Bear Grylls 45L backpack is designed to suite a wide range of outdoor activity, including mountain climbing, adventure, running, skiing and ice climbing to name just a few.

The backpack is big enough to hold a lot of gear that you may need during your outdoor trip, yet light enough to be carried along without straining your back and shoulders. The backpack has been named after the famous adventurer and chief survival expert, Bear Grylls, who is best known for featuring in a number of wilderness television survival series shown around the world.

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A closer look at the Bear Grylls 45L backpack

Product dimensions

  • Height = 23.6 inches
  • Width = 13.3 inches
  • Depth = 8.6 inches
  • Weight = 4.8 poundsBear-Grylls-45L-backpack-2a

Reservoir capacity

Although the Bear Grylls 45L backpack does not come with a hydration reservoir, it is hydration compatible, and you can fit different size reservoirs into the pack comfortably. It has a diaphragm divider that allows the reservoir to be kept apart from the main luggage compartment.

Design features

The pack is big enough to carry all your requirements during your trip. It comes with a sleeping bag compartment that allows you to pack your sleeping bag inside it when you venture out overnight. It also features adjustable shoulder and sternum straps that give you all the freedom to customize and personalize the pack to fit you perfectly to optimize your comfort when carrying it.


The main compartment of the Bear Grylls 45L backpack comes with multiple access points for easy use, and can be partitioned into 2, yet providing access from both the bottom and top. In terms of the construction material, the backpack has a strong and a durable design that will stand up to the heavy treatment it will undoubtedly be put through. It is made of very tough fabric, 420D diamond ripstop nylon and the 420D ballistic nylon, best known for its superior durability.


Bear-Grylls-45L-backpack-4aThe straps on the Bear Grylls backpack feature an added softer foam material that does not stress your shoulders. It also has a top grab handle that provides you an alternative lifting technique when you need to pick the backpack up. Moreover, the straps have small pockets that allow you to easily access and store frequently used items such as wet wipes.

Another excellent feature of the backpack is the airflow design, which ensures that your back remains ventilated as you hike. For protection of all your accessories against the rain, the pack comes with an integrated rain cover and a waterproof stash pocket in the hood.


  • Top grab handle
  • Reflective logos and tabs for security
  • Main compartment with multi-access
  • Side compression straps
  • Gusseted front external pocketBear-Grylls-45L-backpack-6a
  • Padded frame featuring airflow design
  • Compatible with a hydration reservoir
  • Hydro port present
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Dual hip belt pockets
  • Dual ski slots
  • Printed survival graphics
  • Bonus navigation tool
  • Dual ice axe-loops with shaft retainers


Last thoughts on the Bear Grylls 45L backpack

The pack is big enough to comfortably carry all your necessities during your adventure, and is suitable for the all-round enthusiast. It is built to a very high standard and provides excellent value for money.






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