CamelBak Alpine Explorer Hydration Pack Review

Rating: 4.5 (out of 5)

The CamelBak Alpine Explorer is the company’s biggest hydration pack, with a total of 30 liters CamelBak Alpine Explorercargo storage capacity and a 3 liter hydration reservoir. It was designed to serve as a versatile day pack ideal for long hiking expeditions.

Another thing you are going to love about the CamelBak Alpine Explorer Hydration Pack is the sheer number of storage compartments available. You have room for virtually everything from keys, wallet, sunglasses, extra water bottles, food and other hiking and cycling equipment.

Designed primarily for hikers and mountain climbers, the Alpine Explorer is extremely comfortable even when fully loaded. It has a lot of very useful features built into its design that make it easy for you to carry extra accessories such as an ice axe and trekking pole.

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A closer look at the CamelBak Alpine Explorer

Hydration features and capacity

The CamelBak Alpine Explorer comes with a 3 liter hydration reservoir, no doubt big enough to store all the water you will need in a full day. Moreover, if the 3 liter reservoir is large enough for your needs, there are 2 side pockets specifically designed for carrying extra water bottles.

CamelBak Alpine Explorer hydration pack

The CamelBak Alpine Explorer Hydration Pack’s bladder is located on a compartment at the rear of the pack that can be accessed via a zip opening. The hydration tube also exits the pouch at this point. The CamelBak Alpine Explorer ‘s bladder is referred to as the Omega Reservoir with Hydro Guard.

To minimize leaks from the hydration system, the mouth piece of the Alpine Explorer hydration bladder is fitted with the CamelBak Bite Valve. The valve only opens when you apply slight pressure on the mouthpiece using your teeth. This stops leaks and makes it easier for you to manage your day’s water supply better.

CamelBak Alpine Explorer reviewDesign and comfort features

The CamelBak Alpine Explorer’s storage is distributed between 2 main compartments. The largest compartment is zipper closured and pretty uncomplicated. Its interior features a smaller zippered pocket lined with fleece. This is ideal for storing smaller, more delicate items.

The second main compartment’s interior features a small pocket with a clip for holding keys. The interior also features other small pockets for various items. The two main compartments are separated by a mesh section into which you can stash your sweaty or wet clothing.

As with many CamelBak products, the Alpine Explorer Hydration Pack is designed to minimize sweating on your back when wearing the bag. It is a combination of CamelBak’s Air Director system, and felt material at the back of the bag that works by dispersing hot air from around the wearer and allows the cooler air to pass through.

To enhance fit and comfort, adjustable waist and shoulder straps are available. You can also remove them if you do not need them. The shoulder straps are well padded and shaped to fit around your shoulder muscles while exerting minimal pressure, so that even the biggest loads feelCamelBak-Alpine-Explorer-3a light.

Product dimensions

  • Total cargo capacity: 1862 cubic inches (30.5 L)
  • Hydration reservoir capacity: 100 oz (3 L)
  • Hydration pack’s weight: 3 lb 1 oz (1.4 kg)
  • Measured Dimensions when full: 25.4 cm x 50 cm x 24.13 cm (10 in x 20 in x 9.5 in)

Last thoughts on the CamelBak Alpine Explorer

This is a great hydration pack if you are in the market for something that can hold all your essentials as well as those extra accessories you may need to carry on your trips. You can clinch the pack down tight to hold everything in place.


The pack is ideal for long hikes and mountain climbs. You can also wear it if you are out on your mountain bike too, as if is comfortable and stable enough for this. Overall, the CamelBak Alpine Explorer is another great hydration pack, and perfect for those that need more storage space.

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