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CamelBak Classic Hydration Pack Review

(Last Updated On: December 4, 2017)

The Camelbak Classic is designed for the hiker, runner or cyclist that wants comfortable CamelBak Classicconvenience for their hydration purposes. Although all of Camelbak’s products were initially designed for the military, they have been modified to cater for all outdoor purposes while still maintaining the extreme quality and durability they are widely known for.

Key features of the CamelBak Classic

Reservoir capacity

These Camelbak Classic pack comes assembled in various sizes of 1.5 to 3.1 liters as a backpack riders and a smaller version that has a capacity of 830ml to 1.3 liters for those running or walking. These packs are designed to keep you hydrated for more than two hours.

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They have a reservoir capacity of 2 liters. It has a bite-valve from which you can sip from without having to stop your activity. The packs are refillable and this maintains this allows you to keep a consistent amount of water to keep you well hydrated.

Design and comfort

It is designed with ventilated back panel for added back support. It has a central baffle that stops water from sloshing and a big bite valve that prevents water from spilling. The pockets are zipped to keep their contents secure and have a sternum strap for stability.

CamelBak Classic review

This pack has an overflow safety valve so that you can store enough for the journey. Their front and back are reflective to make sure you are visible to other road users. There is a quick snap that tightens when you turn to a 90 degree angle.

The harness is also meshed to keep it light. The straps are designed to hold the pack closely to the body whether you are climbing or walking or riding your bike. They covers are flaps that click on to lock themselves and also keep your contents secured in their position.

CamelBak-Classic-5aProduct weight

It is lightweight and weighs no more than 10 ounces and maybe 190 g when the reservoir is excluded. There are diamond meshes that keep it light and easy to carry. The fabric used to make is mainly meshed to ensure they remain light and well ventilated to avoid sweating and bruising. The bags have several pockets of air and the thin layers used in making the pack lighten the loads further.

Additional Information

They are easy to clean and store and available in various pack sizes to accommodate the length of the trip. Most are within the price range of $50 and are very durable. The Camelbak Classic is used to carry only essentials like your wallet, essential tools and keys. It is easy and light to carry and is ideal for short hike or long bike rides in adventurous locations.

This pack will keep you hydrated throughout your journey and has options of adding energizer to the water. It comes in variable sizes to suit the body types of individuals and their activities. The colors are variable and coordinated to ensure maximum visibility to other road users. They are handy, durable and easily washed. Travelling and sightseeing is made much easier and less taxing with the Camelbak Classic pack.


Final thoughts on the CamelBak Classic

This comfortable pack is ideal for mid-range hikes and cycle rides. The 70oz reservoir capacity will keep you hydrated for a few hours and let you walk, run or ride in comfort as the pack fits very securely on your body. The CamelBak Classic can be purchased in several different colors, and is a versatile hydration pack that does its job extremely well.






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