CamelBak Cloud Walker Hydration Pack Review

Rating: 4.5 (out of 5)

When it comes to hydration packs, CamelBak really dominates the marketplace. The company CamelBak Cloud Walkerproduces so many quality products that virtually everyone can find a pack to suit their taste or needs. The CamelBak Cloud Walker is one such product and it combines a standard rucksack with a hydration pack for general use. The hydration pack is versatile and lightweight, making it ideal for quick trips into the country.

Ideal for using on day-hikes or a trip out on a mountain bike, the CamelBak Cloud Walker has a comfortable design that will not restrict your movement in any way. The technology that Camelbak uses in their packs provides a lot of convenience for the wearer.

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A closer look at the CamelBak Cloud Walker

CamelBak Cloud Walker reviewHydration capacity

The camelbak cloud walker’s hydration system consists of a water reservoir and hydration bladder so you can take a sip from your bottle without stopping. The mouthpiece is fitted with CamelBak’s patented Bite Valve.

The water only flows when you apply light pressure on the valve with your teeth. Otherwise, you won’t have to content with as much as a drop from the valve; it’s completely leak proof and secure. The reservoir can hold up to 2 liters (70 ounces) or fluid.

CamelBak’s HydroGuard protection technology is used in the water reservoir to preserve its life and inhibit growth of harmful bacteria so the water is always fresh.

Design features of the CamelBak Cloud Walker

The CamelBak Cloud Walker hydration pack only comes with a single cross strap. At first glance, one may think that this would lead to stability issues when jogging, but this is far from the truth.

The bag’s center of gravity is located immediately behind the cross strap, making it easy to achieve perfect balance when running. What’s more, breathing is much easier with this single strap system since the cross strap rests directly on the sternum which expands a lot less than ribs when breathing.


The exterior of the pack has straps which can do a good job of compressing luggage. Alternatively, you can use them to for lashing trekking poles and other gear. The straps are quite strong so you won’t have to worry about tears.

There are 2 adjustments straps which you can use to raise the pack’s center of gravity. As with the CamelBak model, it does a very good job of keeping the water vessel steady. You wouldn’t even notice it when carrying around 70oz. of water.

The rain cover is another unique feature on this pack. It is attached to a special zippered CamelBak-Cloud-Walker-5acompartment at the top, allowing for easy storage and application without getting the rest of the gear wet.


The CamelBak Cloud Walker Hydration Pack’s main compartment is located on the front, the hydration pack immediately against your back and a smaller compartment on top of the main one. The interior of the front compartment features a small zippered pocket perfect for holding keys and other valuables.

Product dimensions and specifications

  • Cargo capacity: 20 litters (1220 cubic inches)
  • Hydration capacity: 2 liters (70 ounces)
  • Pack weight: 0.51 kg (1.12 pounds)
  • Torso length: 46 centimeters (18 inches)

Last thoughts on the CamelBak Cloud Walker

If you are into biking, kayaking, jeeping or hiking, then the CamelBak Cloud Walker hydration pack is one piece of equipment you should consider. You can carry everything from your gym clothes to camping gear. With its ample cargo and hydration capacity no pack will sever you better for a whole day of outdoor activity.

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