Camelbak Dart 50oz Hydration Pack Review

Rating: 4.5 (out of 5)

The Camelbak Dart is a hydration pack that has a 50oz hydration system that holds the liquid Camelbak Dartthrough an antidote that is lightweight and slim. Apart from the reservoir, the product also has a sliding strap of sternum and a strap for side compression to dial in the fit. There are also twin back zipper pockets to put in accessories. It also has a mesh pocket that is open and keeps the user hydrated for long.

The front pockets of the Camelbak Dart can be used to stash your keys, energy sucks or other small items. This product can be used by anyone when running mostly long runs or by those who are hiking or doing rock climbing.

A closer look at the Camelbak Dart

Reservoir capacity

The camelbak dart has an antidote reservoir of 1.5 Liters which is more than most water bottles. The amount of water in the reservoir is enough to last a runner for almost three hours of running. Using the reservoir is simple and drinking out of the pack is also simple.

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The reservoir is slim and lightweight and is filled easily. The reservoir is designed in a way that it allows free flow of water through its delivery tube which has a big bite valve that allows for easy sipping of water.

Design and comfort

The camelbak dart is well designed to create comfort and easy use of the pack. Comfort is very critical when running long distances. Most packs are always bouncy and uncomfortable to run with. Camelbak is very comfortable and does not bounce as long as it is well fitted.

Camelbak Dart review

The pack has a sliding sternum strap that is adjustable. Its side traps for compression also allows the user to clinch down the pack to fit well. The pockets at the front and back are designed to allow the user to store items such as keys, inhalers and other things and allow free hands and easy running.

The Dart is very comfortable because of the adjustable straps and once you get it to stay in place and tighten the straps then it stays in position and does not move or bounce around. The torso is also the right length of about 13 inches and fits well with most people.

Camelbak-Dart-5aProduct weight

The Camelbak Dart is lightweight and easy to carry when running. It weighs about 9.5oz with an empty reservoir and about 11oz when it is full of water. When you use it for the first time you may feel the weight a bit but when you get used to it, you barely notice the weight.

Additional information

In case you need to refill the reservoir which is mostly unnecessary because it carries enough water, the step is simple and easy. The Camelbak Dart is affordable as compared to other hydration systems considering all its advantages. Its minimalist design is great for long runs.

The pack also has an air channel back panel that allows for easy circulation of air to ensure the Camelbak-Dart-2auser is as comfortable as possible with rising level of activity. It also has reflective hits to increase visibility. This pack is generally a god hydration system that is very comfortable for any runner.

Last thoughts on the Camelbak Dart hydration pack

If you like to do bike rides of up to 30 miles, or run for 10 to 15 miles, then the Dart hydration pack from Camelbak is a great choice for your hydration needs. It is lightweight and slim-line in its design, and comfortable to wear for longer periods.

The size can easily be adjusted to make it fit perfectly, so you will not experience any movement from the pack when running or riding with it on. The Camelbak Dart is another really good quality 50oz hydration pack that offers a lot of value for money too.






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