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Camelbak Day Star Hydration Pack Review

(Last Updated On: December 4, 2017)

When out on recreational activities like biking, hiking and kayaking, we need to constantly replace Camelbak Day Starthe water lost through perspiration with clean, safe water. There have been many hydration packs created to help with this and the model we are going to look at in this article is the Camelbak Day Star for women.

Assembled in the U.S of domestic and imported components, it is made with the right curvature and enough space for water and other extras; this is a great pack to have on your back for that next trail or sight-seeing venture.

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The Camelbak Day Star looks casually stylish so it can actually double as a daily backpack. The hydration compartment loads easily, thus holding the entire reservoir flat against your back leaving adequate room for other layers and gear that you may also be carrying. This hydration pack has many features you will definitely love.

A closer look at the Camelbak Day Star

Reservoir capacity

The Day Star has a hydration capacity of 2 liters (70oz) which is adequate for a few hours of outdoor activity. The total compartment capacity of the pack is 18 liters, which will allow you to carry 1 or 2 smaller items of clothing and some essential items too. The pack contains some smaller pockets for organizing items better.

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Other qualities of the reservoir other than its capacity include the cap that is very easy to open and close with just quarter of a turn. The port used for filling the reservoir has been specially designed to be light and flexible.

It has other specialized features that Camelbak include on a lot of their packs such as the center baffling and the dryer arms. It also has a low-profile design, and the big-bite valve which has been patented offers even more convenience for the user. The hydro guard technology and an insulated pure-flow tube also great additions, as is the easy-to-clean wide mouth-opening.

Camelbak Day Star hydration packDesign and comfort

The Camelbak Day Star is designed for women of all sizes to ensure comfort and ease of use for all. It has a shorter torso and the shoulder harness has an s-curve design which provides a comfortable shoulder carry. The harness hardware is placed at the base of the pack to greatly reduce potential friction-points on the body.

The fabric harness lining is very soft to the touch and perfect for extra added comfort on bare skin. The pack uses a sternum strap that can be fully adjusted for increased stability even when doing more extreme walking, running or riding, and a narrow harness spacing to fit women’s shoulders. It also has straps with a nice soft fleecy binding that adds to the overall comfort.

Product weight

The Camelbak Day Star weighs about 1lb 5oz. This is very light considering the many Camelbak-Day-Star-2acompartments the pack offers for carrying other items you may need.

Product measurement

The Day Star hydration pack is roomy enough for snack and essentials. On the trail, it measures 19.5 by 10.5 by 9 in.

Additional information

The pack has side pocket which fits stuffs like keys, a water bottle, wallet and other items of the same size. It also stands up when you set it down regardless of what is inside the pack. The pack is adjustable; the chest strap is adjusted down to the lowest possible position.

Camelbak-Day-Star-3aFinal thoughts on the Camelbak Day Star

In conclusion, if you are looking for a hydration pack, the Day Star hydration pack is certainly a great option. The design is ideal for a woman in all its features and sizing ability, it assures comfort while giving enough space to carry as much as one may need for a day’s trail.

With padded backside and straps, the comfort attained is top notch and it serves optimally especially with the reservoir holding much water and the valve which is so easy to drink from. The Camelbak Day Star is undoubtedly a very good quality hydration pack to have; it does everything it is supposed to do extremely well, and provides a lot of quality at an affordable price.






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