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Camelbak Hydrobak Hydration Pack Review

(Last Updated On: December 4, 2017)

The Camelbak Hydrobak is a minimalist pack designed for the cyclists that hit the trails and wantCamelbak Hydrobak to have the ability to stay hydrated without having to carry too much additional weight. The minimalist design is very light and comfortable to wear, so you really do forget it is on your back at times.

Camelbak does a great job of making their packs very stable, so they do not move around too much while you are riding or walking. This is very apparent with the Hydrobak pack, as you can really hot the trails hard and you will not feel the pack moving around much at all. It is held firmly to you, but without gripping to tightly, so you will not feel restricted in your movement at all.

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A closer look at the Camelbak Hydrobak

Design features

The first thing you will notice when you see the Camelbak Hydrobak is just how slim-line it is. It is not designed for carrying any additional luggage with you while you go out on your cycling trips, it is purely designed for hydration purposes only. That being said, it does have an essential pocket, that you can safely store your wallet, keys and repair kit.

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The pack is extremely light too, weighing in at just 5.5 ounces (when empty). It has been made with comfort in mind, so even when the pack is fully laden with water, you will still have full mobility and no sharp shoulder straps digging into your shoulders. It is a very unobtrusive pack that does its job extremely well.


Reservoir capacity

The Camelbak Hydrobak comes with a 50oz reservoir, which is enough for 2 hours of riding. The pack uses Camelbak’s excellent Antidote reservoir design that is easy to access and refill. The cap of the reservoir will hold tight when closed, but also very easy to release when you need to refill. You can also take the reservoir out from the pack for cleaning purposes.

Camelbak-Hydrobak-6aMaterials used

Two of the main things that Camelbak look to achieve with all of their hydration packs is comfort and durability. These packs were originally designed for military usage, so the necessity for both is very high. This can only be achieved by using the right materials, and the Camelbak Hydrobak uses all of the high-tech materials that enables these specifications to be met.

The materials used for the Hydrobak are as follows:

  • 70D Diamond Clarus with DWR + 1000mm PU coating
  • 210D Nylon with DWR + 400mm PU coating

First of all, these materials are incredibly strong. As with all of Camelbak’s hydration packs, you get a lifetime warranty with this pack, and they would not offer that if the pack was poorly made in any way whatsoever.

The materials also allow your skin to breathe easier, so you do not get too hot and sweaty whenCamelbak-Hydrobak-3a wearing the pack while you are out on the trails.

Last thoughts on the Camelbak Hydrobak

If you are looking for a minimalistic hydration pack that is strong, light and comfortable, then the Hydrobak certainly fits the bill. You have the option of three different colors, Red, Blue and Black, so you can choose the one that best suits your taste. The Camelbak Hydrobak hydration pack is made to a very high standard, and you are getting a pack that can serve you well for many years ahead.






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