CamelBak Lobo Hydration Pack Review

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Outdoors or indoors, bad weather or good, biking or hiking, you don’t always have to haul around camelbak loboan enormous pack with tons of space (although there certainly are times when a larger pack is ideal), so lighten up your load with the CamelBak Lobo.

Perfect for the off-road enthusiast, the Lobo hydration pack offers the largest cargo capacity and water reservoir capacity you can get from a hydration pack with an external fill in feature. Lightweight and sleek, this hydration pack is equipped with details such as removable waist belt, zippered pockets, tail light tab, overflow storage, integrated helmet hook among others.

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Hydration features and capacity

camelbak lobo hydration packThe CamelBak Lobo is a sleekly designed hydration pack that can support more than 4 hours of mountain biking with essential gear. It comes with a 100 oz. (3 L) Antidote reservoir and a Quick Link connection system.

With this system, you no longer have to stop your bike to drink your water; the Quick Link system consists of Pureflow tube at the end of which is the CamelBak mouth piece. The mouthpiece was fitted with CamelBak’s Big Bite valve. The valve only allows water to flow out when you apply a light pressure with your teeth.

The reservoir is protected with the Hydro Guard technology that inhibits growth of bacteria and preserves the inner lining. This means that water left in the reservoir won’t go stale fast. In spite of this, you should always try to refill the canteen with fresh water before every expedition.

Design and comfort featurescamelbak lobo review

The Lobo is known for its distinctive, stylish design that would make you stand out whether you are in the country or the city. It is available in three different color combinations: charcoal/burnt orange; charcoal/coyote; or charcoal/black.

To reduce sweating and enhance thermal comfort for your back when wearing the CamelBak Lobo hydration pack, the company fitted it with the Air Director ventilated back panel. The system consists of padded mesh panels that allow air to flow easily in between, thereby keeping your back cool and comfortable.

The CamelBak Lobo hydration pack has a low profile design to minimize interference with your bike’s helmet. It uses a buckle style closure system for easy removal and installation of the reservoir. To provide load stability and give the bag a tight fit around your body, the Lobo is equipped with a detachable waist belt and CamelBak’s Slider Sternum Strap.

camelbak-lobo-5aStorage compartments

The CamelBak Lobo hydration pack offers a bike helmet, hook pocket for your bike tool organizer, and storage space. The pack was constructed from a combination of 420 Nylon and 70D Diamond Clarus, meaning that it is tough enough to carry rugged riding gear and equipment such as bike pumps, multi tools, helmets, food, energy bars your MP3 player, wallet or keys.

The main storage cargo compartment is an overflow storage pocket with dual compression straps to keep the load in place.

Product specifications and dimensions

  • Hydration capacity: 100 oz
  • Pack cargo capacity: 200 cubic inches
  • Pack weight when empty: 1.4 lbs
  • Dimensions: 18.5 x 8 x 5 inches

camelbak-lobo-7a  camelbak-lobo-8a

Last thoughts on the CamelBak Lobo

This pack is ideal for the hikers, runners and cyclists. The 100oz reservoir will give you enough fluid to stay hydrated for a few hours. The pack is extremely comfortable to wear, and the innovative design will ensure your experience wearing it each time is a positive one. The CamelBak Lobo is a very well made hydration pack, and it will last you many years due to the quality of the design.

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