CamelBak Luxe Hydration Pack Review

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When it comes to back backs, hydration packs, and hydration systems, Camelback is considered to be the market leader and the best quality of them all. They offer anything from simple running packs to day or biking packs with lots of storage. More importantly, Camelback is one of the few brands that offer a variety of packs specifically designed to meet women’s needs.

The CamelBak Luxe is the new female specific variant of the famous camelback Mule. Although slimmer looking than the Mule and other hydration packs in its class, the Luxe is perfectly capable of keeping you hydrated for more than three hours of trial riding.

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A closer look at the CamelBak Luxe

Reservoir capacity

The CamelBak Luxe offers a great blend of storage capacity for both gear and water. At the core CamelBak Luxeof the Luxe is the large 100 ounce Omega Hydro Tanium water reservoir with CamelBak’s quickLink system that makes hydration easier to access.

The reservoir is integrated with CamelBak’s Hydro Guard Technology that prevents harmful bacteria from growing, ensures that your water stays fresher for longer, and increases the reservoir’s durability. The reservoir is stashed well deep into the backpack in an insulated zip closures pouch designed to keep beverages colder for longer. The reservoir is kept secure by a spill-free, quick-seal cap.

In spite of its strikingly slim profile, the Luxe also offers up to 730 cubic inches of storage space, which can comfortably accommodate your other essentials but without the unwanted bulk. It has an organizer cargo pockets for holding your bike essentials as well as an overflow cargo pocket.

CamelBak Luxe reviewDesign and comfort

The CamelBak Luxe was inspired by the mule, but is much slimmer and narrower, with redesigned straps that offer better alignment to achieve the perfect fit around a woman’s chest. The hydration pack’s chest strap is positioned a little higher that the men’s version to reduce constriction and improve comfort.

The shoulder pads are wide and thickly padded to distribute weight evenly. The Velcro strap tidies, the chest strap, and a removable waist strap all work together in an S-curved independent suspension system that ensures that the load is kept evenly balanced on the shoulders.

The Luxe was also designed with CamelBak’s Air Director Back Panel, which offers improved air circulation between the pack and your back, thereby reducing sweating and improving comfort.

Materials used

The Camebak Luxe was designed with the strong and durable 420D Nylon with DWR and a 1000 CamelBak-Luxe-6amm PU coating. This means that it will stand well against the test of time and the elements. The pack’s female specific S-curve harness uses a Velvetex lining which offers superior comfort even when worn against bare skin.

Product dimensions:

  • 18” x 8” x 9.5 “
  • Weight: 1.4 lb.
  • Max cargo capacity: 12 liters (730 cubic inches)
  • Hydration capacity: 3 liters (100 oz.)

CamelBak-Luxe-2aLast thoughts on the CamelBak Luxe

The Luxe was designed for women and is ideal for hiking and bike riding. Although primarily a hydration pack, the Luxe can fit quite a few extra items such as food, maps, phones, keys, shoes, and other essential items.

The backpack’s design coupled with the 3 liter capacity reservoir will provide you with a few hours of comfort on the trail. Overall, the CamelBak Luxe is a very good quality and innovative hydration pack for women, and offers comfort and durability at an affordable price.



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