CamelBak Mini Mule Kid’s Hydration Pack Review

Rating: 4.5 (out of 5)

Offering grown up performance in a more kid-friendly design, the CamelBak Mini Mule Kid’s CamelBak Mini MuleHydration Pack was designed for kids who love adventure. It offers all the functions of the feature-rich hydration packs designed for Mom and Dad, and will allow you to provide the quality of CamelBak designs for the entire family.

The CamelBak Mini Mule’s design gives it a short profile making it comfortable and lightweight so your child will be able to carry his/her own pack without experiencing any problems or difficulties. The mini mule offers enough storage space for your little one to carry sunscreen, haul tools and snacks, in addition to 50 oz of drinking water in the hydration reservoir.

If you are looking for an easy and convenient way to keep your child hydrated during short trips, then the CamelBak Mini Mule may be just what you need. It is available in a few different colors, so you will be able to find one that your child really likes and that suits their personal taste.

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Key features of the CamelBak Mini Mule

CamelBak Mini Mule reviewHydration features and capacity

The CamelBak Mini Mule offers kids a 1.5 liter (50oz) Anti-dote Reservoir with a hydration tube, CamelBak mouthpiece and CamelBak Bite Open valve. The Anti-dote reservoir was designed so the contents never get warm. The reservoir is protected by CamelBak’s Hydro Guard technology that inhibits bacteria from thriving and protects the reservoir’s inner lining.

Design and comfort features

The CamelBak Mini Mule Kid’s Hydration Pack has a padded suspension system that distributes weight and provides comfort and stability. The straps are well padded and made from mesh material so even heavy loads feel light.

The Mini Mule has three adjustment straps; 2 shoulder straps and an extra one you can fasten around your chest. The adjustment straps coupled with the comfy back panel makes it easy for the CamelBak Mini Mule hydration pack to fit snugly on the back causing minimal discomfort.


The back panel features a ventilated mesh to improve air circulation thus keeping your child’s back cool and dry when wearing the pack. If it is a hot day then this feature really comes into its own as it is a very effective way of keeping the air flowing constantly over the back area.

Storage space and external pockets

The last pocket was designed to hold the water reservoir and accompanying hose. It is the Camelbak mini mule’s largest compartment and is secured with Velcro. The hydration hose emerges from the top of the pack where the shoulder straps meet the main bag body. However, in case you do not need the water reservoir, you can easily remove it thereby freeing lots of additional space.

The CamelBak Mini Mule Kid’s Hydration Pack has 4 large pockets, the main one being located on CamelBak-Mini-Mule-2athe front. This compartment has a zip closured mini pocket that offers enough space for chap-stick, snacks, mobile phone and keys, etc. The mini pocket also has a small clip for holding certain items in place.

The second pocket opens from the top and both sides feature iMesh. The size of this pocket can either be increased or decreased according to your needs using the provided adjustment straps. The pocket is perfect for holding an extra water bottle or drink. Due to the open top nature of this pocket, refrain from storing any valuables in it as they may fall out.

The 3rd pocket is also zippered and is located close to the top of the bag. It is quite small so you may only have to use it for holding your smart phone, iPod or MP3 player.

Product dimensions and specifications

  • Hydration reservoir capacity: 1.5 liters (50oz)
  • Cargo capacity: 153 cubic inches
  • Empty weight: 7.7 oz

CamelBak-Mini-Mule-4aLast thoughts on the CamelBak Mini Mule

The Mini Mule from CamelBak now gives your kids the same advanced features and quality that the adults get with CamelBak’s excellent range of hydration packs. This pack is extremely comfortable and it will not be a hindrance for your child to wear, giving them complete freedom of movement.

With the boundless energy levels that kids have it is really important that you keep them well hydrated, and the CamelBak Mini Mule allows you to do that. This is a great pack for kids, and also very good value for money too.

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