Camelbak Rim Runner Hydration Pack Review

Rating: 5 (out of 5)

The Camelbak Rim Runner is this season’s choice for adventurous hikers looking for ample Camelbak Rim Runnerhydration and cargo space fitted in a single streamlined day pack. While the amount of gear and hydration capacity makes it suited for long excursions in the country, it still won’t look out of place in the city as its unique design offers a sense of style.

The only downside is that it isn’t shipped with an instruction pack so you have to figure out how to clean it, assemble it, etc. You can however, get a separate cleaning kit for the Camelbak Rim Runner hydration system with hangars and brushes. Once you have gone over the pack then you will soon figure out how take it apart and clean the reservoir and the pack.

The Rim Runner has been designed to provide a lot of comfort. The shoulder straps are padded and will not dig into your shoulders. The back panel on the pack has an innovative design. It uses an air director, that lifts the pack away from the back slightly allowing air to flow through between your back, and the back of the Rim Runner, thus keeping you cooler on your hikes.

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Reservoir capacity of the Camelbak Rim Runner

One of the prominent features that set the Camelbak Rim Runner hydration pack is the 3-Liter (100oz) hydration reservoir. The cavernous reservoir is held in a separate but easily accessible compartment at the back of the pack. You can detach the entire unit from the pack and fill it up without spilling liquid onto the contents of the other containers.

Camelbak Rim Runner hydration pack

What’s more, the hydration reservoir was made with HydroGuard (TM) material. The technology protects the reservoir from bacteria that would otherwise induce flavors and stale odors or even degrade the reservoir’s lining.

Design and comfort

You do not have to worry about unstable loading thanks to the included removable waist belt and Camelbak’s patented Dynamic Suspension Harness. The Rim Runner is held steadily and comfortably onto the shoulders with 4-point compression straps along the waist and chest.

Camelbak Rim Runner reviewWith the straps tightened and fastened with the provided straps, you can safely jump across gullies knowing that you camera and other gear is safe. The shoulder straps are well padded and their shape allows them to align perfectly with your back muscles making even the heaviest load seem light.

The hydration system is shipped with the PureFlow tube, which has a wide mouthpiece so you can easily drink water on the go without having to stop and take the hydration system out of the pack. What’s more, the mouthpiece is equipped with a Big Bite Valve, whose technology only delivers water when you compress the valve between your teeth. This makes it easier to use your water supply more economically.


With large front and main compartments, the Camelbak Rim Runner hydration pack has enough storage space to carry all the gear you need for your extended outing. The main compartment is quite spacious and can carry virtually all your essentials.

The front pocket is ideal for valuable items like your wallet, cell phone or keys. It also has a top Camelbak-Rim-Runner-2ainterior compartment and a smaller zippered interior pocket for holding your accessories.

Product weight

The bag has a solid construction and it is definitely not lightweight coming in at 2.5 lbs. when empty. But the weight is well worth it considering the heavy duty fabrics, well padded shoulder straps and sturdy stitching you will be getting.

Last thoughts on the Camelbak Rim Runner

For the hiker, this is an ideal pack that combines practicality and comfort. The 100oz hydration reservoir is easy to refill, and also to take out and clean when you need to. The pack is very comfortable to wear, so if you want to do shorter or longer hikes the Camelbak Rim Runner is an excellent hydration pack that will really make your hike that much easier and more enjoyable.

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