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CamelBak Transformer Hydration Pack Review

(Last Updated On: December 4, 2017)

The Camelbak Transformer hydration pack is part of a line of tactical design hydration packs. The CamelBak Transformer CamelBak is versatile and can be used for activities such as biking and hiking. The quality and durability of this pack is in line with Camelbak’s usual high-end products, and its versatility will ensure you can use it for a wide range of situations.

Camelbak designed all of their hydration packs for the army, so strength, comfort and functionality are all essential in all of their products. The Camelbak Transformer is regularly used by servicemen in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, and many have commented at how well it serves them and holds up to the incredibly harsh conditions it is used in.

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Key features of the Camelbak Transformer

CamelBak Transformer Hydration Pack Reservoir capacity

The pack comes with a 3 liter (102oz) bladder. This will keep you hydrated for several hours. The bladder is designed to quieten water sloshing. The design is such that when the cap is sealed, it stops turning so it can’t come undone when you are on the move. The bladder also features a quick release mechanism on the end of the insulated hose. The large bladder mouth allows for easy refilling.

Design and comfort

The CamelBak Transformer has three sections that are detachable. The pack can transform from a dedicated hydration carrier to a daypack or a compact backpack. This enables the user to customize the pack to whatever activity they desire.

The first compartment features a pocket and is also built for a CamelBak bladder. This may serve as a convenient place to carry your hand tools or knives. The second compartment is divided into two pouch sections that are spacious enough to hold gear like first aid kits. The third compartment is mostly appropriate for small gadgets such as phones or even snacks.


The pack is built to allow you to carry extra gear between the three compartments. You can carry an extra jacket, or some essential equipment. The pack features cinch straps that hold everything into place. Loosening the straps allows you to fit in larger items.

Convenient storage

Storage for the hydration bladder is included in the base of the pack. The base is slim and can be Camelbak-Transformer-5aused on its own as a hydration carrier. The transformer is bigger than a dedicated hydration carrier in this setup because of the extra mounts.

The largest pouch on the Camelbak Transformer has a main compartment that also features a flat front section. The flat section has internal organizers for smaller items. The smaller pouch can be attached to a panel that is adjustable. This panel wraps around the larger pouch. Webbing plastic locks are used to attach the modular sections.

Additional pouches to hold tools can be attached to the outside of the pack with PALs webbing. It also allows you attach MOLLE pouches. There is a zipper pocket below the smaller pouch that can be used to carry the pack cover. For security, the pack cover attaches to a buckle inside the pocket. The padding on the base is comfortable. The strap padding is also comfortable yet sturdy enough not to tear after continuous flinging.

Last thoughts on the Camelbak Transformer

The pack scores well when it comes to the quality of construction. It is very sturdy and is durable, and you can fully expect to get many years of heavy usage out of it. The design makes it versatile and it has a convenient number of pockets to keep all of your gear and equipment conveniently at hand. It is a very good quality hydration pack, and fulfills its purpose excellently. The Camelbak Transformer is ideal for those that want a durable pack that has additional cargo room as well as the hydration compartment.






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