Choosing the Best Winter Insulated Packs

insulated-packs-2aIf you are active in the winter months for things like hiking and biking, then you want a pack that is best suited for the weather conditions. Packs that are properly insulated and thick enough to deal with the more severe elements that the colder winter months provide should be utilized. It is not practical to use a very lightweight pack that is really designed for warmer weather conditions, as it will not provide the adequate insulation you need within the pack.

In this article we are going to take a look at some of the packs that are best suited to the winter months and provide the added insulation you need to be able to use the pack effectively during colder temperatures. There are some very good options available, at different price range to suit your budget.

Some of the best winter insulated packs

Bear Grylls 45L Backpack

This backpack has hydration pack compatibility. It is designed for longer hikes and outdoor trips, insulated-packs-3aand has been really well designed so that it provides ease of use for the user. It is certainly an ideal pack for the winter months as you will find it has ample insulation and padding to keep your gear well protected.

The Bear Grylls pack is very versatile, and it can be used in a wide range of situations and locations. It comes with dual ski slots so you can carry your skis on the pack when you are not wearing them. It also has dual ice axe loops, both with their own shaft retainer. The pack also has an integrated rain cover to keep your gear dry whenever the inevitable winter rains start to fall. To read a full review on the Bear Grylls 45L pack click here

High Sierra Wahoo

High-Sierra-Wahoo-hydration-pack-5aThe High Sierra Wahoo hydration pack is smaller than the Bear Grylls and is light weight so is easy to carry around when you are already wearing a lot of heavy winter gear. While the pack is primarily a hydration device, it does also have some room for extra gear so if you are out on your bike or hiking and you want to take a layer of clothing off you can, and store it within the pack.

The hose from the reservoir on the High Sierra Wahoo is insulated so that the water does not freeze in the tube when the temperatures get cold. There are well-placed compartments on the pack that allow easy access to gear as you go on your trip. Read a full review in the High Sierra Wahoo hydration pack here

Outdoor Products Mist Hydration Pack

Outdoor Products has several different hydration packs available, but one that is well suited to insulated-packs-1athe winter months is the ‘Mist’. It comes with a 2 liter Cyclone bladder for your hydration purposes. The bladder is located separately from the main compartment, so there is plenty of room for you to keep any additional clothing that you may want to take on your trips.

There are four compression straps built in to the design of the pack, so that you can keep all of your gear secured so that it does not move around much when you are hiking, skiing or out on your bike. The tags on the zippers are ideal for when you are wearing gloves, so you can easily open the various compartments without having to take the gloves off. Read more about the Outdoor Products Mist hydration pack here

These are three hydration and backpacks that are ideal for the colder winter months, where you need insulated interiors of the packs to keep the water from freezing and also to keep your gear well protected from the harsher conditions.

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