Comparison List of the Latest Hydration Packs

To help you get a better idea of the many hydration packs that are currently available so you can camelbak classicmake a more informed decision, we will go over some of the more popular brands and models. We also have more detailed and extensive reviews of some of these packs on this site, so you can get more detail of the models you are interested in.

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a hydration pack is the capacity you would like. You can get different size reservoirs and also the capacity of the main compartment will also be important depending on what you need the pack for. Some hydration packs are designed for cyclists, and these tend to be a bit smaller, with the main focus being on the hydration facility.

Some packs are made for hikers, and as such these are usually a little larger in size. The extra capacity in the main compartment will allow you to carry more items with you, such as clothing, maps and your essential valuables such as your phone and wallet. The designs do vary from brand to brand, but one of the most prevalent brands you will see when looking at hydration packs is Camelbak. They have an extensive range of packs in all different sizes, and the quality of the range is excellent.

A look at different hydration packs in the various capacities available

50oz packs

camelbak mini mule-aCamelbak Mini M.U.L.E

Ideal for kids, the Camelbak Mini Mule has a 50oz reservoir, and 91 cu in of capacity in the main compartment. The main purpose of this pack of for hydration, so if your child goes out for a ride on their bike with you, or for a hike, then this pack will be ideal for them as it is not too heavy.

The Mini Mule features Camelbak’s latest Antidote hydration technology that allows for easy consumption and filling of the reservoir. It also has patented technology such as the Big Bite valve, and the PureFlow tube. To read a full review on the Mini M.U.L.E click here

Camelbak HydroBak

The HydroBak is another 50oz pack from the Camelbak range. This one is designed for the cyclist and its minimalistic design will sit comfortably on your back while causing no restriction of movement at all. It has a mesh back panel which provides excellent ventilation. To find out more about the HydroBak click here

70oz Packs

Camelbak Cloud Walkercamelbak-cloudwalker-a

Now on to the slightly larger reservoir capacities, the Camelbak Cloud Walker has a 70oz reservoir and with a main compartment capacity of 1257 cu in, this pack is great for the hikers as you will be able to fit a lot of extras such as clothing and maps into the pack. To read a full review on the Cloud Walker click here

Geigerrig Rig 500

This pack from Geigerrig has a 70oz reservoir and can be used by cyclists or hikers. It has a soft and comfortable design and sits well on the back. It uses a design feature called Air Drive Ventilation which helps to keep your back cool while wearing it. To find out more about the Geigerrig Rig 500 click here

100oz Packs

Camelbak Lobo

The Camelbak Lobo is designed for the mountain bikers, and has a 100oz reservoir for the longer rides. The excellent design of this pack will provide a really comfortable feel for the wearer. It uses a lot of the latest technology that Camelbak incorporates in their packs. It has extra compartments for keeping things like your phone and wallet, as well as a small map. To read a more detailed review on the Lobo hydration pack click here

Camelbak Alpine Explorer

As the name suggests, the Camelbak Alpine Explorer is made for the mountain hikers and climbers. It has a large main compartment capacity of 1648 cu in, and a reservoir capacity of 100oz. As with all Camelbak products, this pack is extremely comfortable to wear and it has been well designed to allow for easy hydration when required. Read a full review on the Alpine Explorer here


Camelbak L.u.x.e

The Camelbak L.u.x.e is a woman’s pack that has been designed for the mountain bike rides. The 100oz reservoir will give you a few hours of hydration capacity. The pack is fully adjustable so you can change it around so it fits you perfectly. There are clips for carrying things like your helmet, and pockets to carry essentials like your phone and wallet. To read a more detailed review on the L.U.X.E click here

These are just some of the best hydration packs available at the moment. They all offer their own USPs so have a look through the more detailed reviews on this site to get more information on the ones you are interested in.


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