Fox Men’s Oasis Hydration Pack Review

Rating: 4.5 (out of 5)

A hydration pack is basically a hydration system embedded in a back pack, and contains a Fox men's Oasis hydration packreservoir with a flexible plastic tube to allow hands-free drinking. The Fox men’s Oasis hydration pack is a middle sized backpack with a thirst-busting bladder that gives it a state of the art appearance. It contains everything you need for a long walk or ride.

With a sizable reservoir and lots of storage space for clothing items and other essentials such as keys, phone and wallet, the Fox men’s Oasis hydration pack will serve its purpose effectively to a wide range of users. It is comfortable to wear, and you can easily adjust the shoulder straps to get the best fit for yourself as you go about your activity.

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A closer look at the Fox men’s Oasis hydration pack

Reservoir capacity

Fox-mens-Oasis-hydration-pack-3aThe Fox Men’s Oasis Hydration Pack has a reservoir with a large liquid capacity. It holds up to a maximum of 3 liters. This means that you can go out for day trips and stay hydrated throughout. The reservoir comes with a detachable drinking tube that can be removed when cleaning it. Moreover, its opening is large, and uses slide mechanism for easy filling and cleaning.


As the name suggests, this hydration pack was designed for men only. The outer construction of the backpack is made of 100% polyester fabric that is strong and durable at the same time. The material making the reservoir is also quite rigid and sturdy. In fact, many user reviews have indicated that the reservoir will not leak even after falling off several times. However, some have complained about the water horse being relatively short.

Fox-mens-Oasis-hydration-pack-4a   Fox-mens-Oasis-hydration-pack-5a

Inside the bag are 2 mesh pockets that can be used to store items that you may need during your ride. On both sides of the Fox men’s Oasis hydration pack are side pockets that are big enough to also carry relatively big items, such as mountain bikes accessories. Also included is a small media pocket that you can use it to carry your mp3 player or pair of headphones.


A hydration pack that lacks comfort may spoil your riding or walking experience. One that is big too, may also make you get tired quickly. This Oasis hydration pack is remarkably slim, light and small, but has more room to store everything you will require during the entire ride, including your helmet.

Fox-mens-Oasis-hydration-pack-6 Fox-mens-Oasis-hydration-pack-7 Fox-mens-Oasis-hydration-pack-8

The shoulder straps are light, soft and spongy to give you more comfort while riding. These straps tightly fit across your shoulders, and can be adjusted to your preference. This makes the hydration pack ideal even on rocky roads.

Product weight

This hydration pack weighs just 1.1 pounds when empty, so it is very light. This is essential if you are going to be riding or walking for longer distances, as any additional weight will be felt more and more the further you go.

Pack highlights

  • Detachable drinking tube
  • One year limited warranty
  • Waist strap for stabilization
  • Large slide top opening
  • 3 liter reservoir for longer hydration capabilities
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Fleece lined sunglassesFox-mens-Oasis-hydration-pack-2a
  • Audio pocket with an audio interface

Last thoughts on the Fox men’s Oasis hydration pack

The Fox Men’s Oasis hydration pack really ticks all of the boxes that a good quality pack should have. Starting from the large reservoir capacity to the comfortable and durable fabric, the pack will add more fun to your riding experience. And if that’s not enough, the hydration pack comes at a low budget that is very affordable.






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