If you are a lover of outdoor adventures then your time has arrived. Summer is the best time to goHigh Sierra Soaker 70 hydration pack do your hiking, mountain biking and generally just be outside. However, you must already be aware of the effects and dangers that dehydration can cause. This is why you should go for something like the High Sierra Soaker 70 hydration pack, which will enable you to stay hydrated throughout your excursions.

There are only a few ways that you can keep up with dehydration and most of them are very cumbersome. Can you imagine carrying a two- liter water bottle? The weight is simply going to wear you down. But the High Sierra Soaker 70 hydration pack will enable you to carry this amount of liquid around without it being an inconvenience to you or hinder your hike, run or bike ride.

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Key features of the High Sierra Soaker 70 hydration pack

Reservoir capacity

High-Sierra-Soaker-70-hydration-pack-2aThere are so many hydration backpacks available on the market that it can be hard to make a purchase decision. However, High Sierra has distinguished itself as one of the top brands to purchase, with their quality hydration packs being comfortable and great value for money. The Soaker 70 hydration pack can hold up to two liters (70oz) of water, which will give you a few hours-worth of hydration ability.

This hydration pack has a conveniently large main-compartment that is very easy to access. Opening it is simple, filling the reservoir is just as easy too. The reservoir can be refilled quickly while you are out on your travels, so if you come across a place where you have the ability to do this it will not take you long to do it.

Design and comfort

The most interesting part of it is that this pack is very small and can go unnoticed when lightly packed. At full capacity, the High Sierra Soaker 70 hydration pack manages to remain nicely lightweight and thus allows you to get on with your outdoor activity easily. It is extremely comfortable and comes with multiple comfort enhancements.


The adjustable waist belt enables the securing of the pack onto the back. It also has a reflective loop that holds an LED blinker for the bike. The shoulder straps are very easy to adjust as well. It also has a zippered front pocket where you can tuck away you accessories and other tools that you may need while you are outside. It is large enough to hold CD/MP3 players, smartphones and tablets etc. There is also a mesh pocket at the front with a large hook.

The pack has a hands-free bite valve connect to an insulated water-tube, which allows you to control the flow of water whenever you need it. The insulation ensures that the water does not freeze within the tube. Frozen water within the tube can render this pack impossible to use during your expedition.

Product weight and sizeHigh-Sierra-Soaker-70-hydration-pack-3a

As abovementioned, if there is a lightweight hydration pack, it has to be this one from High Sierra. It weights a mere 2.17 pounds and it is made from waffle-weave. It measures 17.25” by 9” by 2” but even with these seemingly large dimensions it manages to be nicely lightweight. At full capacity this pack can carry as much as 138.0 cubic-inches.

Additional information

The High Sierra Soaker 70 hydration pack is one of the most affordable hydration packs on the market today. You will get more than you actually bargain for. The prices are very decent of course depending on where you shop. Shopping online has been proven to be by far more affordable than dropping by your local mall to get the pack.

In terms of durability, you do not have to worry about this pack succumbing to wear and tear soon. You will be using it for a long time due to the durability and quality of the design. Finally, you can purchase it in one of two colors- Amazon green or Pacific Blue.

High-Sierra-Soaker-70-hydration-pack-6aLast thoughts on the High Sierra Soaker 70 hydration pack

The design of the Soaker 70 hydration pack makes it very comfortable to carry around. It can be adjusted to fit you perfectly and will sit tightly to your body while you go about your activity. This is very important as you do not want the pack moving around much while you are running or riding your bike.

The pack is also very light, so will not add much weight or put much stress on your shoulders and back. The High Sierra Soaker 70 hydration pack certainly offers a lot of quality and value for money.






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