Ledge Sports Gooseberry Hydration Pack Review

Rating: 4 (out of 5)

You do not have to spend over the odds to get yourself a good quality hydration pack. There are Ledge Sports Gooseberry hydration pack some very good models that will not cost you top dollar, but will still provide you with all the functionality you need. The Ledge Sports Gooseberry hydration pack is a simple yet efficient hydration pack that accommodates almost everything you need for a long ride.

The Ledge Sports Gooseberry hydration pack has a good sized reservoir that will hold enough fluid to keep you well hydrated for a few hours, and it features a strong Dobby Diamond Ripstop construction. Apart from its main compartment, the Gooseberry hydration pack features pockets that are separated by zips, to store personal items such as wallets, keys etc. A small pocket in front is also available for storage of your MP3 player.

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A closer look at the Ledge Sports Gooseberry hydration pack

Reservoir capacity

Ledge-Sports-Gooseberry-hydration-pack-5aDue to its small and compact size, this hydration pack comes with a reservoir capacity of 1.5 liters or 50 oz. It is also possible to swap out the reservoir for a larger 2 liter one if you want to add more fluid capacity, as the pack is large enough to house this. The reservoir is fitted with a long horse that comes with a nozzle on the other end for easy consumption on the move.

The bladder is long enough to allow you to comfortably draw water through it. The nozzle incorporates a bullet bite valve that opens when one sucks on the nozzle, letting water to be drawn from the reservoir, and then seals off when you release the pressure, so it does not cause any spillage. This pack also features a button hole bladder support that ensures that the bladder is safely held in position.

Design and comfort

The Ledge Sports pack features a strong, thick and durable construction that attracts many. The Ledge-Sports-Gooseberry-hydration-pack-2amain construction is made of a strong Dobby Diamond Ripstop material. Moreover, a reflective taping design at the back is also available. This design enhances your safety when riding especially at night, as it reflects light even in dimly illuminated environments.

It comes with a back panel that has an active suspension system to enhance its strength. The sternum straps are fully adjustable to accommodate different body shapes and sizes. The snaps integrated in these straps are strong and instantly snap and fit into each other perfectly. Ample zippered front pocket storage is available in this hydration pack, allowing you to carry all necessities that you may require along the way.

Hydration pack highlights

  • Active suspension harness
  • Drip free dual action valve
  • Button-hole bladder support
  • Reflective tapping for more safety
  • Bungee cargo holder
  • Padded ventilated back panel
  • Multimedia pocket

About Ledge Sports Inc.

Ledge-Sports-Gooseberry-hydration-pack-3aLedge sports is a company that began designing and manufacturing both hydration packs and sleeping bags back in 2001. Currently, the company has developed a good reputation, thanks to the professionalism portrayed in the design of their products. Before releasing any of their products in the market, they thoroughly test them in different real and simulated conditions in a bid to perfect their products.

Last thoughts on the Ledge Sports Gooseberry hydration pack

The Gooseberry hydration pack proves to be one of the best quality budget hydration packs in the market today. If you like outdoor excursions of any kind, and want a quick and easy way to stay hydration then the Ledge Sports Gooseberry hydration pack is a great option to consider.






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