Ledge Sports Jem Hydration Pack Review

Rating: 4.5 (out of 5)

Are you continually confused about what type of hydration pack best suits you whenever you shop Ledge Sports Jem hydration packonline? Well, everyone goes through this moment of apprehension when buying something online that they have never seen. But if you have a hiking trip coming up, then it would probably be a good idea to consider some of the famed, reputable brands when doing your shopping.

Coming from the famed Ledge, a company that has an excellent track record of designing top quality back packs, sleeping bags, and other wilderness survival gear, the Ledge Sports Jem hydration pack offers the durability, quality of construction, reservoir capacity and features needed to take you through your day hike in style. Below is an overview of the Jem’s design features.

Key features of the Ledge Sports Jem hydration pack

Ledge Sports Jem hydration packReservoir capacity

The Ledge Sports Jem hydration pack offers a good blend of storage options for both hydration and gear. At the core of the Jem is a 2 liter (68 oz) capacity JetFlow Manifold System Compatible water reservoir. The reservoir is integrated with water tube and a drip free dual action bite valve that make hydration easier to access.

Design and comfort

The pack was designed for durability under harsh conditions as is evidenced by the solid construction and strong stitching. It was made with the extra strong Dobby Diamond Ripstop construction which allows you to utilize the range of storage options that come with the hydration pack without worrying about rips and tears. Moreover, it was designed with a full rain shield complete with a Velcro fastener which helps protect the bag and its contents from the rain.

The shoulder pads are wide, strong, and well padded to allow you to carry the bag for long periods without experience pain or discomfort in the shoulder blades. In the same breathe, you won’t have to worry about discomfort or sweating on your back when carrying this pack thanks to the padded ventilated back panel.

Ledge Sports Jem hydration pack review

The back of the Ledge Sports Jem hydration pack features an active suspension harness, which can be adjusted to alter the pack’s capacity depending on the amount of gear carried stowed inside. This, together with the adjustable sternum and waist-straps also help prevent the contents from moving within the bag and increase the packs stability to allow you to walk, jog or ride faster.

Storage options

The Ledge Sports Jem hydration pack delivers ample storage through multiple external and Ledge-Sports-Jem-hydration-pack-4ainternal organized pocket. The hydration pack comes with 7 organizational pockets offering a total of 570 cubic inches of storage space.

This means that apart from the 2 liter hydration bladder, you can also pack an extra water bottle, flashlight, sun-screen. Camera and phones, snack/energy bars, small towels, emergency blankets etc.

Product weight and dimensions

  • Dimensions: 21inches X 2 inches X 11 inches
  • Shipping weight: 2 lb.
  • Max cargo capacity: 570 cubic inches
  • Hydration capacity: 2 liters (60 oz.)

Last thoughts on the Ledge Sports Jem hydration pack

The Ledge Sports Jem Hydration pack is ideally suited for men and women due to its thinner frame, and it is ideal for bike riding and hiking. The pack was designed with reflective tapping which increases your visibility at night, ensuring your safety at night whenever you have to wear it on your bike. The comfort that the Ledge Sports Jem hydration pack provides will ensure that you will not be distracted by it when wearing it on your hike or bike ride.






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