Outdoor Products H20 Performance Hydration Pack Review

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Outdoor Products H20 Performance hydration pack Lightweight, portable, and easy-to-drink from, the Outdoor Products H20 Performance hydration pack appeals to those in search of an affordable and well-made unit. It features a 2-liter Cyclone Bladder for up to two hours in the saddle, and is versatile enough to be used on other 2L packs.

The reservoir’s mouth is flexible and larger too, allowing easy refills, thorough cleaning, and quick drying. There’s also a mesh back panel that provides a steady stream of airflow, while the adjustable shoulder and sternum straps keeps the bag comfy and stable in flight.

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Key features of the Outdoor Products H20 Performance hydration pack

V-shaped reservoir

The H20 Performance Pack comes with a 2-liter Cyclone Reservoir that’s made from 100 percent Outdoor-Products-H20-Performance-hydration-pack-1atasteless, odorless, and BPA-free material. It can be easily slipped into just about any 2L hydration bags thanks to its V-shaped body, and is flexible enough to be refilled on shallow sinks.

It also includes a quick-connect and release system that will let you attach or detach the drinking hose from the bladder in a jiffy. On top is a screw-off bite valve that offers a steady flow for effortless sips, while the flexible silicone opening allows faster refills. This makes it easier to clean and dry compared to traditional reservoirs.

Compact storage

Although the H20 pack can carry a great amount of fuel for lengthy strolls, it still reserves enough space to store your gear. When unzipped, the Cyclone reservoir can be seen secured in place by Velcro under an insulated divider to keep your drinks cool.

Outdoor-Products-H20-Performance-hydration-pack-4aThe other side of the divider leaves room to hold your personal items, such as phones, wallets, keys, gels, or energy bars. Do take note however, that the partition doesn’t go all the way down to the bottom of the bag.

This means that stored items in this area may get wet in case the bladder leaks or sweats. But if you’re not taking your phone or other sensitive items during the run, then this won’t be a big deal.

Customizable fit

Some runners prefer the pack sitting higher on their backs for comfort, while some cyclists wantOutdoor-Products-H20-Performance-hydration-pack-2a them sitting low as to not get in the way of the helmet. The Outdoor Products H20 will give you the best of both worlds with its adjustable straps that ensure you get the best proper placement on your back.

There’s also an adjustable sternum strap to fine-tune how snug you want the pack fits. With this, you won’t have to worry about excessive bouncing as you engage in more intense pursuits from mountain-climbing to downhill racing.

Affordable workhorse

If you’re looking to save on the expense of a CamelBak, then this economical alternative may just give you that desired satisfaction. The folks at Outdoor Products designed the H20 Performance Hydration Pack to make sure that it stands up to the abuse of daily use and last the long haul.

Outdoor-Products-H20-Performance-hydration-pack-3aIt’s made with a formidable combination of nylon and polyester, so it’s tough yet lightweight. A zippered closure is also added to keep your valuables secured inside the pack. Plus, the back panel and shoulder straps are reinforced with mesh to provide a soothing breeze as you race the sun.

Additional information

The Outdoor Products H20 Performance hydration pack measures 1 by 7 by 17 inches (D x W x H) and weighs in at 0.4 pounds when empty. It comes available in three different colors (Black, Blue, and Iguana), and is covered by the manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty on parts and service.






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