Outdoor Products Mist 8.0 Hydration Pack Review

Rating: 4.5 (out of 5)

If you want a slightly larger hydration pack that is ideal for using on camping trip and day hikes,Outdoor Products Mist 8.0 hydration pack then the Outdoor Products Mist 8.0 hydration pack is a great option. Not only do you get plenty of room in the pack to store the 2 liter reservoir, but it can also accommodate plenty of other essential items that you may want to take with you on a day out.

The attention to detail throughout the design of the Outdoor Products Mist 8.0 hydration pack is what makes this pack such a good choice. It allows you to wear it fully loaded and barely feel that you are carrying something due to the comfort and weight distribution that comes from the design.

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A closer look at the Outdoor Products Mist 8.0 hydration pack

Design and comfort

The Outdoor Products Mist 8.0 hydration pack is designed to make your trips as comfortable as possible with padded shoulder pads and four compression straps that really provide that padding you need on longer hikes. It has an articulated mesh that helps to regulate heat so you do not find it uncomfortable when walking on warmer days.

Reservoir capacity

It is vital that one not only has a bag that has a wide array of features but that it also has to have a capacity that is able to serve the primary purpose. In this case the outdoor products mist 8.0 hydration pack is meant to keep you well hydrated during the day.

Outdoor Products Mist 8.0 hydration pack review

The pack comes with a two liter reservoir capacity which is ideal for hikes that last several hours. It is also easy to refill, so if you come across anywhere that will enable you to do this on your trip it will not take long to do so. It also has a 20 liter cargo capacity and measures about 18 by 7.5 by 5.5 inches in dimension.

Outdoor-Products-Mist-8.0-hydration-pack-3aProduct weight

Weighing just 10 ounces when empty, the Outdoor Products Mist 8.0 could be among the lightest hydration backpacks that you will come across in this size range. Even when fully laden with fluid and items in the main cargo department you will not notice much weight at all due to the excellent design of the pack.

Additional information

This pack is very versatile as it will enable you to carry your water as well as a variety of other things too. To begin with, it has some elastic sternum straps that are adjustable that go along way for added support and it has some reflective accents in the back and front for the sake of safety. It also as dual front pockets with zips that allow you to carry more accessories with you if required. Furthermore, it has a lifelong warranty which is way more than Outdoor-Products-Mist-8.0-hydration-pack-4awhat anyone would ask.

Last thoughts on the Outdoor Products Mist 8.0 hydration pack

If you are looking for a pack that is ideal for your hiking trips, and can accommodate your clothing and essential items as well as 2 liters of liquid too, this is a great option. The Outdoor Products Mist 8.0 hydration pack offers you convenience and safety as well, and is great value for money.


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