Product Care Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Hydration Pack

Teton-Sports-Trailrunner-2.0-3aOne of the things a lot of people look for when they buy a new hydration pack is the quality and durability of the design. It’s no good spending money on a pack that will just last a few uses before it rips or breaks. There are a lot of really tough and durable hydration packs available now, but to prolong the life further still, and ensure that it works to its optimal levels at all time, you need to know how to maintain it and keep it in good working condition at all times.

In this article we are going to give you some product care tips that will help you keep your hydration pack in excellent condition so it works well, and ultimately lasts for a very long time. It doesn’t have to take much effort to keep your hydration pack in good order, and a few simple tricks can extend the life of your pack by a long time.

Can you wash your hydration pack in the washing machine?

It is advisable not to wash your hydration pack in the washing machine. The force of the washingCamelbak-Octane-18X-5a machine will eventually wear out the material, and cause damage to the pack after a while. This will also cause it to weaken in certain stress-areas such as the shoulder straps, especially if using a larger pack such as the Bear Grylls 45L or the High Sierra Wahoo. The detergent used in most washing powders can cause irritations against the skin sometimes, especially once the wearer starts to sweat.

You can still wash your pack thoroughly without putting it in the washing machine. It is best just to soak the pack in luke-warm water and use a ph-neutral soap to wash it with. You can use a soft brush also, but make sure you do not brush so hard so that you cause too much abrasion to the material, as this will have the same effect as putting it in the washing machine. You should also make sure you wash any salt stains on the pack left from sweat, as these can cause a deterioration in the material too.

Any time your pack gets wet, either from you washing it or from the elements while you are out on a trip, you must make sure you dry it sufficiently. The wet can cause a lot of damage to a hydration pack over time, so make sure it gets put out to dry at the earliest opportunity. For smaller packs like the Ledge Sports Gooseberry or the Camelbak Dart you can hang them out on the washing line to dry properly.

Camelback-Rogue-7aClean you reservoir and straw

The complete hydration system needs to be maintained and cleaned also to keep it operating smoothly. This is easy to do with most packs. If you are able to take the reservoir out you should do so after every trip and wipe it clean with a cloth and soapy water. You should also clean the straw and pour some water through it to ensure that it is free from any dirt and dust.

Any zippers on your hydration pack should be wiped after every use too. They will pick up a lot of dust and dirt on your trips and this needs to be removed as soon as possible to ensure the zips work smoothly. Most of the dust will float off when you soak your pack, but you should still ensure that ever zip gets a thorough wiping over to any stubborn dirt will also be removed.

If you follow these simple care tips with your hydration pack you will really extend the lifetime for it. The elements can cause a lot of damage over time to any pack if they are not looked after, so ensure that you spend a few minutes each time after you have used it to clean it properly.

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