Top Hydration Packs for 2015

Top-Hydration-Packs-for-2015-4aA new year brings in new models of hydration packs, and if you are looking to buy one there are some excellent models available to you. In this article we are going to take a look at some of the top hydration packs in 2015 so you can get an idea of what is currently available and what you can get for your money now also.

Of course there are still the big names such as Camelbak that dominate the marketplace when it comes to hydration packs, and they continue to provide packs of the very best quality. But they do have a higher price associated with them when compared to other brands. If you are looking for a more budgeted option there are lots of good quality packs available at very affordable prices.

A look at some of the best hydration packs for 2015

Camelbak ThermoBak

Let’s start off with one of the top brands, as previously mentioned; CamelBak. The CamelBak ThermoBak is a comfy pack that comes with a 3 liter reservoir. It is available in a few different color schemes, so finding one that is best suited to your needs should be easy. The ergonomic design of the pack will keep you comfy while you travel, and the design features will ensure that its use is made as easy as possible.

As with all CamelBak hydration packs the ThermoBak is full of innovative features. It comes with the Omega HydroTanium reservoir, and an exterior fabric that is completely abrasion resistant and extremely tough and durable. You can read a full review of the CamelBak ThermoBak hydration pack here

Bear Grills 45L Hydration Backpack

For the serious hikers that want hydration capabilities combined with a sizable backpack, the Top-Hydration-Packs-for-2015-2aBear Grills 45L Backpack is a great option. When you are hiking and you get into a rhythm you do not want to have to stop every few minutes to get out your water bottle and take a drink. This backpack allows you to continue hiking and take a drink any time you like without breaking stride.

For Bear Grills to release a hydration backpack, you know it is going to have all the features required for the avid hiker. The hydration capability is just one of the many features this pack has. The design is made to make things as comfy and convenient as possible. It has a sleeping bag compartment, dual ski slots and an integrated rain cover. Read a full review on the Bear Grills 45L hydration backpack here

Outdoor Products Ripcord Hydration Pack

Top-Hydration-Packs-for-2015-3aIf you are looking for a lower priced hydration pack that offers quality and durability, the Outdoor Products Ripcord hydration pack is a popular choice. The design of this pack has been carefully thought out and it sits very well of the wearers back. It is this comfort and ease of use that has made the Ripcord such a popular option.

The pack comes with a 2 liter Cyclone reservoir that is very durable and easy to refill. The back of the Ripcord is padded and fitted with the Airway cooling system, which makes wearing it that much more comfortable. The adjustable elastic sternum straps will keep the pack tight and keep it from moving around as you ride or walk. You can read a full review on the Outdoor Products Ripcord pack here

These are just three of the top hydration packs to consider in 2015. They all offer design quality, along with durability and comfort. All three are of different designs, so you can find one that best suits your needs.

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